Urban designer

Based in Mumbai and the western Himalayas, Vidisha is an urban designer specializing in urban mobility, participatory planning and design and urban environmental management and law. As an urbanist intervening in different environments across various geographies, she sees humanity and nature as not seperate. She enjoys expanding her knowledge on this symbiotic relationship through books and travel and observes patterns that guide her interventions with a pragmatic and scientific approach. 



Currently at urbz, she collaborates and makes connections with citizens, associations, local governments and private clients to deliver urban planning analysis and design in Mumbai and Geneva. Her primary role as an urban designer involves conducting in-depth data driven studies using Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and Python; developing urban planning and design strategies using depth mapping tools such as space syntax; visualizing  data in form of interactive maps and 3D modeling; conducting weather analysis that includes sun path, wind rose, psychrometric chart,as well as studies of geometry like radiation analysis, shadow studies, and view analysis and conducting community- led workshops. Through her final year thesis project she investigated politics of mobility and data visualization in the western Himalayas (HP). Apart from this, she enjoys the process of film making and video editting. 

As a C40, women for climate mentee, she is assisting the Government of Maharashtra on Mumbai Climate Action Plan (MCAP) to mitigate climate change in Mumbai by focussing on soft mobility and non-motorized transportation. 

Vidisha studied Urban design at CEPT University, Ahmedabad and is currently pursuing post graduate diploma in Urban Environmental Management and Law jointly run by the Center of Environmental Law,  National Law University, Delhi and World Wildlife Fund.