Koliwada Charcha

The exhibition Koliwada Charcha is an attempt at understanding the essence of Dharavi Koliwada's architectural and visual language. 

urbz in the news

Our exhibition Koliwada Charcha was in the mid-day newspaper.

The Design Comes as We Build - Catalog

This exhibition showcases ideal houses designed by builders who live and work in Dharavi. It travelled to the Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai, Spring House in Amsterdam and the Maxxi in Rome.

Mumbai Return exhibition

urbz's exhibition at the Bhau Daji Lad City Museum allows those who make up the city's fabric to put themselves on the map

Form Follows Recognition

Recognizing patterns and processes are crucial to urban practice. The role of architects as agents of incremental growth needs to be emphasised over that of creators of a future that doesn’t yet exist.

From Dharavi to Rome

Local contractors design their ideal Dharavi homes which are exhibited at Zaha Hadid's Maxxi in Rome. 

Dharavi's Front End!

After months of preparation, our humble gallery space opens its doors to the public. 

Khotachiwadi Strikes Back

What do spray painted cats on walls, masked motorbikes and a pop-up staircase have in common? The Khotachiwadi Imaginaries workshop.

Feral Urban Growth

Cutouts from URBZ’s mural at the Uneven Growth exhibition opening at the MAK Museum in Vienna.

Dharavi Goes to Paraisopolis

Our street exhibition in Brazil mashes up landscapes from Dharavi and Paraisopolis leading residents to guess which part of the image is their neighbourhood. 

Dharavi Shelter at Kala Ghoda

Photos taken by the children of the Shelter at Dharavi are being exhibited and sold at the Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai this week.