Handstorm in Dharavi

Handstorm in Dharavi

Our annual Handstorm workshops in Dharavi with the "Engineers for Social Impact" from NYU Abu Dhabi generate incremental innovations that improve the quality of life in this massive settlement

Since 2017, students of the Engineers for Social Impact studio at NYU AD (New York University's campus in Abu Dhabi) have spent one week handstorming in Dharavi, Mumbai. The idea is to research, observe, ideate and handstorm during the week long workshop, the learning of which are further researched and developed in the studio upon their return to Abu Dhabi. The Engineers for Social Impact return a few months later with their improvised ideas to display to the people and community they worked with.

The NYU Abu Dhabi team will return for the 2023 workshop from 12-19 March 2019 at the urbz office in Dharavi. 

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Dharavi, Mumbai