Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground

A 5 day long workshop in Geneva which produced strategies for gradual urban densification.

How can Geneva continue to house a growing population in its saturated and landlocked territory?

Over a hundred participants of the ‘Breaking Ground’ workshop tried to answer this question in five days.

Participants from different countries and divers from academic and professional backgrounds worked on densification scenarios, placing users at the center of the urban project.

At the end of the workshop, a 300 pages report (in French) was produced as well as a synthesis (in English). They present the workshop, its challenges, and strategies for the densification of residential suburbs. The report is intended for professionals as well as citizens interested in these questions.

This workshop was supported by the Urbanism Office of the State of Geneva and organized in partnership with the Chicken Fight Club, an association promoting alternative planning approaches.

Students from ETH's Master of Advanced Studies in urban design, Hepia's Master's in Architecture, and the HEAD's program in interior design joined the workshop.

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The workshop was held at Fonderie Kugler, Jonction, Geneva.