Urban Strategist
Human Centered Design and Future Insights

Amin is passionate about holistic and human centered approaches to cultivating cities

Based in Geneva, Amin has more than 10 years cross-disciplinary public and private sector experience working in cities, including previously working for the British Government on large scale urban regeneration projects. Amin is a specialist in problem framing and developing strategic narratives/ visions for places and projects. He believes in an integrated approach to housing, economic development, environmental sustainability, cultural policy and placemaking. His multi-perspective approach to urban development brings together strategy, human centred design, systems thinking, futurology, behavioural economics, disruptive innovation and storytelling. Amin is also Co-founder of UXcities, a design lab for small scale, micro urban interventions that improve individual experiences of places.

Fundamentally interested in the relationships between people and their environments, Amin studied at Manchester Business School where he developed strong interests in strategic design, behavioural change and economic modelling for social impact. Inherently pragmatic and optimistic, Amin collaborates and makes connections across the spectrum of actors engaged in cities- from users and passionate citizens to land owners, developers, technicians and political decision makers. 

Amin's greatest joys come from music, traveling, storytelling, making things with his hands and hanging out with his two young daughters. They remind him to always look at the world with wonder and intrigue.