Homegrown Street

We are taking the Design Comes as We Build project to the next level - the Homegrown Street!

urbz is taking the Design Comes as we Build project to the next level - the Homegrown street. This time we will be working with an actual bustling street in Dharavi called Sangam Galli. The street is lined with several tool houses - mixed use homes combining living and work spaces. An ethnographic study along with the spatial documentation of the tool houses becomes part of a design brief. This design brief will be shared with building contractors operating in the vicinity. The contractors will propose new designs for the houses keeping in mind changing aspirations and needs of the residents. They will work with architects from urbz to develop the designs. These design drawings will be turned into scaled models made by artisans from Dharavi.

The individual models come together to form the Homegrown Street. In the age of megaprojects, this project hopes to spotlight what homegrown, incremental (re)development using local resources could be like, both as a product and a process.