Urban Typhoon Khirkee: Street Presentations

Urban Typhoon Khirkee: Street Presentations

From tackling various problems from street structure, to water and many different activities let by theaters groups, cookbook specialists and much more, the Khirkee workshop presentation was in full swing. 

The workshop ended on a high note with street presentations in Khirkee. The groups took over various spaces and presented their week long work to visitors and passers-by. These are just some photos taken from the event. The workshop’s output will be progressively uploaded on the urbz.net andknowledgelive.in sites.


Haamari Sadak (Our Road) project: Aastha, Cole, Rahul and Matias brainstormed with the residents about the road and tried to figure out how it could be fixed and maintained by the residents. This project will continue all through the year with the support of KHOJ.

Khirkee Patchwork: Julia and Paroj presented 3 installations about the people of Khirkee constructed around personal stories and emotional connections to the neighbourhood.

Apna Paani (Our Water): Swati, Ravi, Asan, Tania, Aastha studied the history and present condition of water systems in Khirkee. In the process they discovered, among other things, many defunct and functioning wells.

Doh Baje (2 O’Clock): Himanshu, Meg and Lauren worked with the kids and painted a wall amongst many other activities. Himanshu is still there now continuing the work with the kids.

Apka Naam Kya Hai? (What is your name?): Ruchika and Amit worked with the children’s theatre group in Khoj and interviewd the Urban Typhoon workshop participants. In the processes everyone learned a lot about Khirkee and the rest of the world.

Khirkee Cook Book: Karin and Saumya released a cook book with recipes given by women from Khirkee. In the process they collected stories about their lives.

Voices of Khirkee: Lokesh Harsh, Julia, Paulami and Parul wrote and collected poems about Khirkee and shared them with everyone. On the same wall, Ridhima presented glimpses of discussions she had with the children of Khirkee about their neighbourhood.

The Street With Many Names: Annette, Gislunn, Aditi, Alisha presented a Khirkee guide book that they produced, featuring some of the best spots in Khirkee.

Padhna Kitna Zaroori: With Andi and her team, the children of Khirkee and Saleem Zaidi blocked of the road and gathered crowds for an exceptional street theater performance.

Tiny Drops: BBoys of Khirkee with Heera. The presentations ended with a mind blowing dance performance at KHOJ’s office.

Other groups included: Untitled Square by Rohan and Vidisha and Khirki Ki Khoj (Searching for the Windows) by Bhupendra, Jit, Sytse and Malini.

More photos are being uploaded on http://flickr.com/urbzoo.