Urban Typhoon Final Day

Urban Typhoon Final Day

Program of the final day of the workshop. 

Schedule of project presentations / events/ performances/ installations produced during the Urban Typhoon Workshop (Nov 9-16)


@ KHOJ Studio, S-17, Khirkee Extension, New Delhi.

TUESDAY NOV 16, 2010


11 am: Khirki Ki Khoj

By Bhupendra, Jit, Sytse, Malini

Event: The maze of Khirki and its extension invites you to “Khirki ki Khoj”, a* treasure hunt starting at Khoj Studio. Everyone is welcome to participate in an exciting walk-about around the neighborhood. To find your way, you will have to chat with residents of the neighborhood. The Group members invite you to document and share the experience in any media. The trails are approximately half an hour long. Prints of visual clues are limited, and the treasure hunt will be all the more fun in small groups! Keep a look out for a very special exhibition along your trail.

Starting point: Khoj Studio


1 pm onwards: The Khirkee ki Nazariyan Project

Harsh, Julia, Lokesh, Paulami, Parul

By Event: Audio/Video Compilation and interviews followed by a talk

Location: KHOJ Studio


2 pm onwards: Apna Pani

By Aastha, Asim, Ravi, Tanya and Swati

Activity: Khoj Water Wall + Audio with Interview

Location: Outside KHOJ Studio


3 pm: Doh Baje

By Lauren, Meg, Himanshu, and the “Chotu” gang

Activity: Painting on the wall in the thin lane opposite the chai wala, drawings on the wall next to KHOJ Studio + “kheer ki stamp party”

Location: Next to KHOJ Studio

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4 pm onwards: Khirkee Patch work

By Julia Gutge, Claudia and Paroj

Event: Colourful representaion of some people we met in Khirkee.

Location: Meeting in front of KHOJ Studio


4:30: Untitled Square

By Rohan Patankar and Vidisha Saini

Event: Narrative about the ever changing identity of the monument in its context.

Location: The Khirkee Monument (Masjid), Khirkee Village


5 – 7 pm: Apka Naam Kya Hai? (What is your name?)

By Frame Works Group: Ruchika, Amit with the children’s theatre group in Khoj

Event: AV documentation of children’s experiences of interacting with Urban Typhoon participants.

Location: Street outside Khoj; after 7, inside Khoj studio


5.30pm: Release Party of Khirkee Cookbook

By Karin Andersson, Saumya Ananthakrishna

Activity: Food and Cookbook give-away. Food and additional recipes will be provided!

Location: Opposite the Hanuman temple park, in Shivshakti Mataji´s land. It is a woman´s back yard, she invited us all to come. We meet at Khoj at 5.30 and walk together for five minutes to the lady’s house.


6 pm: The Street With Many Names

Anette, Gislunn, Aditi, Alisha

Event : Presentation of a book we “wrote”. Not for distribution, this book gave us a space to document our process and capture the insights we learned and people we met as we experienced this street for ourselves; Screening of a video of our journey, meeting people and places of the street with many names; Co-creating (with the members of The Street) an illustrated streetscape of The Street and hanging it as a crowd-sourced artwork; Distributing/sharing prints of this streetscape with the to members of The Street that they can use however they like.

Video screening and hanging of the artwork at 6pm outside of KHOJ


6 pm: Voices of Khirkee

By Lokesh

Event: Discussion

Location KHOJ Studio

Duration: 15-20 minutes


6:30 pm: Hamaari Sadak

By Aastha, Cole, Matias, Rahul

Event: Neighbourhood Politics and the Art of Making Communities. Public discussion about the road in front of the KHOJ Studio, its history and possible futures.

Location: Outside KHOJ Studio


7 pm: Padhna Kitna Zaroori

By the children of Khirkee in collaboration with Mr. Saleem Zaidi

Event: Street Play by the Children of Khirkee

Duration: 20 minutes

Location: Outside the KHOJ Studio


7.30 pm: Tiny Drops

By the kids of Khirkee in collaboration with Hera

Event: A Hip-Hop Dance performance presented as part of KHOJ’s most recent community-based initiative – The Khirkee Hip-Hop Community Centre.

Duration: 15 minutes

Location: The Dome, KHOJ Studio, First Floor