Arthur Vlad

Geograph - urbanist

Arthur Vlad Modoianu recently joined the urbz Geneva team.

Geographer by training, he specialized in the territorial development of the "Souths" at the University of Geneva. As part of his training, he had the opportunity to study first at UQAM (CA) and then at EAFIT (CO) where, in Medellín, he did his fieldwork for his research paper. Entitled "Territories between conflicts, art and memories: the cemetery of San Javier", it questions the role of public art and the reappropriation of spaces in urban centers in a situation of (post)conflict in the perspective of the right to the city.

Since then, he has participated in the organization of a conference on urban violence and collective memory in the Americas. In addition, he has co-authored two articles on the evolution of the "miracle" of social urbanism in Medellín and its limits in the mark of the right to the creative city.

As a disc jockey in his spare time, you can sometimes find him on the dancefloors of the Geneva alternative scene.