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URBAN TYPHOONS are events during which local communities from particular neighbourhoods get together with urban practitioners from around the world to produce visions and ideas for a collectively authored effort at urban planning and transformation. The workshops are based on the premise that communities and neighbourhoods have the basic skills and talent to participate more effectively in the processes of urban planning or in simply making appropriate choices that affect their future and the future of their cities. During a ten day interactive event, resource-persons work in teams comprising of local residents and practitioners from everywhere to develop specific themes.

The first Urban Typhoon workshop was held in Shimokatazawa, Tokyo (Japan), in 2006. The second one took place in Koliwada-Dharavi, Mumbai (India) in 2008. The third one in Khirkee, New Delhi (India) in 2010.

Behind the specific contexts of the Urban Typhoon workshops lies a theme of great relevance for urban communities around the world: the participation of the residents in the planning of their urban environment. Over the past decade, participatory planning has gradually gained recognition in the fields of planning and development. Developing cities, such as Curitiba in Brazil, Bogota in Colombia, and Mumbai in India, have experimented with participatory schemes, inspiring other cities, as well as international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank. Residents’ participation has become an essential element of urban policy in the developing world, as well as in highly developed cities such as Tokyo.

URBAN TYPHOON Khirkee Village, New Delhi, 2010

Website / Final report

URBAN TYPHOON Koliwada, Dharavi, Mumbai 2008

Website / Final report

URBAN TYPHOON, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, 2006

Website / Final report



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6 Responses to “Urban Typhoon”

  1. URBZ, ciudades autogeneradas – Zoohaus Says:

    [...] que dinamizan el desarrollo creativo de las ciudades. Como ejemplo, encontramos los talleres “urban typhoon” (algo así como tifones urbanos), que consisten en 10 días de intenso trabajo entre [...]


    [...] to represent Mumbai sometime in March 2012… We’re thinking about the possibility of an Urban Typhoon workshop in some part of the city that needs a boost of attention, ideas and [...]

  3. a.m. Says:

    would you please let me know the responsibles, I mean the name and email address of the organising committee in-charge of the next ‘urban typhoon 2012′. Many thanks!

  4. Manuela Catania Says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Im interest in the project Sao Paolo calling becuase Im an italian architect and I will be in Sao Paolo for more months from january 2012 and I’d like to do a workshop in this area.

  5. matias Says:

    Dear Manuela,
    We will know in January if the workshop can take place. We will announce it on the website as soon as it is confirmed. If it happens it will be around end-April.
    Stay tuned!

  6. Design with the Other 90%: Cities « terraurban Says:

    [...] an action-based urbanology that values local user experience above trained expertise. [34] In Urban Typhoon workshops from Tokyo to New Delhi, local residents collectively author their urban visions with small [...]

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