URBZ-MASHUP-MUMBAIDates: Oct 29 – Nov 1, 2009

Workshop Starts: Thursday Oct 29 at 10AM at JJ-School of Architecture

Exhibition & Party: Sunday Nov 1, 6-10PM at the Girgaum Catholic Club in Khotachiwadi

Sites: Girgaum (Khotachiwadi, Chowpatty Beach, Wilson College neighbourhood), Crawford Market and Chor Bazaar.

Objective: URBZ MASHUP Mumbai explores, challenges, subverts, questions and celebrates Mumbai’s ideas and practices of heritage enshrined in its colonial (pre and post included) architecture, arts, culture and politics.

The MASHUP activities cover the oldest neighbourhoods of the city. Girgaum, where Khotachiwadi – the much threatened and celebrated trophy heritage habitat – exists  just a stone’s throw away from Chowpatty beach, one of  the city’s most popular for social dissent and free expression. A fifteen minute walk from there takes you to Crawford Market – Mumbai’s oldest and favourite shopping destination. In between lies a maze of dense streets and bazaars that testify to the city’s numerous communities who made the city what it is, a city of shops, markets, dreams and collective aspirations.

In this maze lie stories, images and ideas of a city that provide newer definitions of what it means to be a Mumbaikar, through the many languages the city speaks in, the many cultural practices it invents, its changing and evolving built forms, its bazaars and markets that are as vital and dense as the air the city breathes – making the question of its identity richer than anything the city officially celebrates. Way richer than the imagination of its political leaders and much deeper than the possibilities framed by its most conscientious citizens.

The URBZ MASHUP welcomes participants from Mumbai, India and the rest of the world to use their skills and imaginations and dive into streets, walk into homes, converse, make images, play, then reinterpret, examine, and recreate newer imaginative frameworks that do justice to the city’s layered, dense and complex life.

Anyone is welcome to register. High motivation, initiative and creative mindset are essential qualities for all participants. The registration fee are Rs 300 for Indian students, Rs 500 for other Indian participants. $150 for international students, $300 for other international participants. Fees can be reduced or waved under special circumstances. Please do let us know if you would like to participate but cannot afford the fee.

Invited Team Advisers and Proposed Topics:

Art India Magazine (Abhay Sardesai & crew)
Topic: The art and craft of everyday life: JSS Road to the world

Stephanie Carlisle,  graduate student in Architecture and Urban Ecology at Yale University
Topic: Under the Flyover: a sectional exploration of contested spaces hidden beneath the map

Mustansir Dalvi, Poet, Architect, Teacher at the JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai
Topic: Taking the Inner-City Out of the Box – Girgaum, Nana Chowk and other areas.

James Ferreira, Fashion Designer, Khotachiwadi activist and life-long resident.
Topic: Preservation through change: Design strategies for an ever-young Khotachiwadi

Ranjit Kandangoankar: Visual Artist & Research Fellow-Urban Design Research Institute, Studying buildings owned by Charitable Trusts
Topic: Re-imagining collages through inner-city perspectives: Null Bazaar and other sites.

Geeta Mehta: Urban designer and faculty at Columbia University
Topic: Bazaarchitecture & historical preservation in Crawford Market & Chor Bazaar. How do you preserve a bazaar?

Kaiwan Mehta: Architect and writer (author of the book “Alice in Bhuleshwar“)
Topic: Real-time history of Bhuleshwar

Amit S. Rai: Professor of English Literature at Florida State University
Topic: Contemporary Movie going in an ancient Movie Theatre: Edward Cinema, Dhobhi Talao

Alison Reeves: Artist, Fullbright Scholar
Topic: Street-vendors of Girgaum: Portraits and stories of Mumbai’s most perennial population: the itinerants

Himanshu S.: Artist & crew
Topic: Dreamality and playful interventions: Girgaum seen from kids eyes

Yehuda Safran: Professor of philosophy of architecture at Columbia University & Harvard
Topic: Poetics of street life & moving habitats. 12 Scenarios for the mashed-up city

Sachin Yardi: Screenplay Writer and Film Director. (Wrote the screenplay of the movie “Traffic Signal“)
Topic: Street-life as fiction. Collective screen-play writing


Thursday 29: Workshop starts at 10AM at JJ-School of Architecture, close to Crawford Market (Entrance in front of JJ flyover). All the participants meet and form small teams of 2 to 5 people max. They decide on a location and an approach they want to pursue, with the help of the organizers if needed. After lunch the teams go to their chosen location(s) and start gathering data in the form of photos, videos, interviews, sketches, etc.

Friday 30: Data hunting-gathering in different locations.

Saturday 31: Participants gather at the workshop site and decide what they want to produce with their data and how it should be presented. Final output could be anything ranging from in situ interventions to design proposals and manifestos to video clips and art works. This day work until the output is ready (may mean an all-nighter). From Saturday 12-noon to Sunday 12-noon all the material produced is uploaded on the URBZ website (with the help of URBZ staff).

Sunday 1: The MASHUP Exhibition starts at 6PM. From 12-noon to 6PM, Participants prepare stalls with print-outs, models, performances, videos to showcase their creative production. Locally cooked food will be available. Party follows. This will take place at the Girgaum Catholic Club in Khotachiwadi. All are welcome.


MUMBAI MASHUP View in a larger map

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4 Responses to “MUMBAI MASHUP”

  1. Neetha Says:

    Hi, it is ok to take part in this on th weekend as I work the other days… would love to be a part of this :)



  2. ankita khetawat Says:

    hi, is it ok if i attend only on sunday as the other days is just not possible. and would really like to be a part of this.

  3. The Mumbai MASHUP! | URBZ Says:

    [...] will soon be available on the site. Meanwhile, you can start browsing the mashup’s output here. More images on the URBZOO Flickr [...]

  4. thibaut Says:

    Hey everybody,
    I am currently a student in international urban planning (France), and I would know if it’s possible to make a 5 or 6 month work experience in your association.
    I read an article about URBZ actions in Mumbai and I am quiet interested!

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