The mashup is the art of blending different knowledges and practices to produce new contexts and dynamics. In the urban realm, this means using available skills, technologies, languages, experiences and imaginaries to make over space and everything it contains. The URBZ Mashup Workshop is a moment of discovery, interaction and expression. It celebrates our collective capacity to reinvent the world around us. The streets of Istanbul will stimulate our imagination, the stories of its residents will guide our steps and the life-force of its neighbourhoods will inspire our actions.

Which other city epitomizes the concept of the mashup better than Istanbul? The city has lived and breathed the idea of mixing, matching, and mashing two apparently distinct cultural histories all through its long existence, like few other places in the world.

At once European and Asian and strong of the contradictions that each of its identities embodies, Istanbul is the original mashup city. It is historically located at a place in the story of cities that can potentially teach urbanists and practitioners everywhere about re-reading cosmopolitanism, re-making tradition, re-thinking the future – all of which are inscribed in thoughts, imprinted in images, resonated in sounds, felt in experiences and enshrined in the structures of each neighbourhood in this city.

Istanbul lies at the edge of two worlds, in between several routes. It is a city that can make everyone feel at home – no matter where one come from. At the same time it is a city that rejects clichés and confronts the issues it faces in an upfront way – issues generated as much by the waves of global events as by the intricacies of its streets and localities.

The URBZ Mashup Workshop will learn afresh from this charismatic city. For a week, it will bring together international and local participants. Small team will form and explore diverse parts of the city, have conversations, share, interact and learn about the different strands that make up life in Istanbul’s neighbourhoods, through the eyes of the guests and the hosts, the visitors and the inhabitants. By the end of the workshop, each team will have developed its own visions and objectives based on the interests and skills its members.

The workshop will document and collect all kinds of data and ideas, and then work on the material gathered. The output can take the form of images, designs, stories, sound, installations, performances, artworks, architectural drawings and much more. In the end, everything produced will be made available online, in an exhibition space as well as back in the street.

Do register early. Motivation is the only selection criteria for participants.

Organizing Partner: Yildiz Technical University.

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8 Responses to “ISTANBUL MASHUP”

  1. Irene Avetyan Says:

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get more information about this workshop. Many thanks.


  2. Becca T Says:

    I’m with Irene, would love to find out more information about this workshop and how one can attend or take part.

  3. matias Says:

    Hi Becca & Irene, we are just starting with this workshop. We are thinking about moving it to the last week of July instead. We are in contact with people at Istanbul Technical University but everything is very open still. It would be amazing if you two come. We are creating a list for the workshop, should we add you to it?

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  5. Irene Avetyan Says:

    Hey Matias,
    yes, please add me to the list. Last time we hang out was in Tokyo, hope next will be Istanbul!

  6. Kurt Yalcin Says:

    THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!? How can I participate if I’m in New York

  7. matias Says:

    Kurt, best option is to take a ticket and come… If you can’t do that you can put us in touch with good people in Istanbul. Maybe we can think of a way to have you participate in the workshop virtually as well. Why not? What are you good at?

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