Make in Dharavi

The famously productive neighbourhood in the heart of Mumbai city is full of thousands of artisans, craftspersons and mechanics, working away on their tools and machines in workshops and factories that often do


Generating new models for participatory development for Ulleung island in South Korea

Design comes as we build

urbz invited local builders from Dharavi to design the best possible house they could imagine. These designs were translated into physical models by artisans with a variety of skills. 

Homegrown Things

We produced everyday-life objects based on the specific needs of residents and the skills available in the Shivaji Nagar area in Mumbai.


urbz has been involved with the heritage precinct of Khotachiwadi for nearly a decade. We have organized many events workshops there and produced a strategic plan for the area among other things.

Mashup workshops

The mashup workshops take many different forms and happen in all kinds of places. They take specific neighbourhoods as sources of inspiration and unleash a maximum of creativity onto them!

Homegrown cities

This experiment in affordable housing led to the co-designing and construction of a small house in Shivaji Nagar, in Govandi. A neighbourhood in Mumbai that is struggling against all odds to keep growing and im

Place, Work, Folk

Place, Work, Folk is a fortnightly column in The Hindu Sunday Magazine by Matias Echanove and Rahul Srivastava, which is inspired by Patrick Geddes and analyzes current urban issues in India and beyond.

Circulatory Lives

For the past 5 years, urbz has been following families who's lives is spread between Mumbai and their ancestral villages in the Konkan (Western India).

Bareilly Street

Studies, workshops, street exhibition and plans towards making a small square in Dharavi children friendly

Handstorm in Dharavi

Our annual Handstorm workshops in Dharavi with the "Engineers for Social Impact" from NYU Abu Dhabi generate incremental innovations that improve the quality of life in this massive settlement

Urban Typhoon

Urban Typhoon is a 5 days long workshop taking place working with local associations to generate programmes and plans for the improvement or preservation of neighbourhoods.

Whatsapp Dharavi?

This is the first of our fortnightly column in The Hindu Sunday Magazine. This week we explore how the rapid absorption of smart technologies is transforming how business is done in Dharavi and all over India.

DIY Tool House

80 students design their own vision of one-day workshop where participants had to plan and design their own architecture studios/living space in a homegrown settlement of their choice. 

Circulatory Lives in Bordeaux

Hubert, Eloise, Lucie and Chloé have all moved to Bordeaux from different parts of France and live there currently. But what's 'home' for them? 

Form Follows Recognition

Recognizing patterns and processes are crucial to urban practice. The role of architects as agents of incremental growth needs to be emphasised over that of creators of a future that doesn’t yet exist.

From Dharavi to Rome

Local contractors design their ideal Dharavi homes which are exhibited at Zaha Hadid's Maxxi in Rome. 

Dense With Waste

A prize winning proposal to recycle plastic waste along Mumbai's coastal village of Versova, uses fishing nets and the involvement of the local fishing community.

Dharavi's Front End!

After months of preparation, our humble gallery space opens its doors to the public. 

Viva urbz Colombia!!!

Started after a dynamic collaboration in Mumbai where team Colombia helped construct an office in Mumbai, Bogota announces itself and makes plans for the future.

Handstorming (and more) in Dharavi

Handstorming is the alter-ego of its more cerebral version and geared towards a collective hands-on experience that makes and constructs in real time and space. It was the main mode of operation in our workshop with NYU AD students and produced some impressive and practical tools and objects.

Breaking Ground report (French)

Download the report of the Breaking Ground workshop (in French). Strategies for the gradual densification of residential neighbourhoods in Geneva. (52 MB).

Khotachiwadi Strikes Back

What do spray painted cats on walls, masked motorbikes and a pop-up staircase have in common? The Khotachiwadi Imaginaries workshop.