Place, Work, Folk

Place, Work, Folk is a fortnightly column in The Hindu Sunday Magazine by Matias Echanove and Rahul Srivastava, which is inspired by Patrick Geddes and analyzes current urban issues in India and beyond.

Mining the forests

Nature holds something far more precious than wood, coal and minerals — something which industrial practices have been destroying in their crude quest for cheap bucks. (The Hindu, 10.09.17)

Mess is more

Recent research in Dhaka show that accommodation and housing are related but distinct needs. (The Hindu, 30.07.17)

Hamburg: between the medieval and the global

The organisation of the G20 reflects its democratic deficit. Not only did the G20 summit turn parts of Hamburg into a virtual fortress, it also made hostages of thousands of peaceful protesters and residents. (The Hindu, 16.07.17)

More smart, less city

Reviewing Sondgo and its functioning residential and work places, thirteen years after the initial plans were drafted. (The Hindu, 19.06.17)

A Thousand Plateaus

A community struggling with water and identity finds hope in nature and culture. (The Hindu, 11.04.17)

Goa's Homegrown Commons

Privatisation, if seen as an exclusive way to regularise settlements, increases the risk of political manipulation and real-estate speculation. (The Hindu, 29.03.17)

‘Our lives are 50-50’

With one foot in the village and the other in the city, migrants have done more to urbanise India than any development scheme (The Hindu, 12.03.17)

Dharavi: Reclaim Growth

Many people involved in urban issues in Mumbai (and elsewhere) have tried their hand at making the definitive proposal for Dharavi. Read more about ours in collaboration with sP+a

To Make Housing Affordable, Keep it Local

The official target of producing millions of quality homes for all can be re-imagined, as one in which the process of construction itself becomes a transformative moment.

The Homegrown Cities Initiative: Update

After a handstorm workshop to make a variety of user-oriented objects and with a pilot house on its way, a report about the updates of the Homegrown Cities Initiative

From the News stand

An architectural and design practice that works with local builders and residents to create projects embedded in neighbourhoods’ cultural and economic fabric.