House no. 3- Wood and Steel Model

House no. 3- Wood and Steel Model

We present you the Wood and Steel model designed for house no. 3 in Sangam Galli as a part of the Homegrown Street Project. 

This film documents the process of the model for Afzar Ali's house who has been a resident of Dharavi for over half a century. The resident’s family has grown over the years hence this G+3 structure was designed of incremental nature to accommodate the growing family’s needs. 

In the initial years of that period, he used to live in a single storey tin house which he then transformed into a ground plus two-storey structure to accommodate his growing family – his wife, son and daughter – and business. He owned and operated a hair salon from the ground floor – let out for commercial purposes when the house was rebuilt – but has now retired. The space is now rented out to a garment retailer.

Both the top floors are residential. The first floor is with an added mezzanine which he shares with his wife. It has four windows to maximise light. Afzar’s children live on the second floor. The house, however, does not have any toilets.

Afzar’s vision for his house is inspired by the evolution that his neighbourhood has been through and he is of the opinion that the entire lane should be renovated or rebuilt. He wishes to add another floor to his house for when his son is married and the family grows. He also wants to add a toilet in the house.

The balcony extension acts like a buffer space on the upper floors to allow extra circulation space, and jalli cladded along the balconies acts as skin, allowing optimum light and ventilation into the adjacent rooms.

The existing staircase was extremely steep and difficult to climb, hence the proposed staircase is innovatively designed to allow enough tread space to step comfortably. Additionally, smaller mid-landing areas were planned to make climbing easier.